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Pricing - Hubackup




Free of 50% design or coding experience necessary. It's so easy, you can start sending today.

  • 5k Searchable messages
  • 10 custom Apps/services
  • Minimum 3 users, max 10 users
  • 1 Voice and video call

Small-Mid Sized Businesses


Advanced testing tools, and accessed to our helpful support team any time you need it.

  • 30k Searchable messages
  • 100 custom Apps/services
  • Minimum 5 users, max 90 users
  • Video call Up to 15 participants



Features for high-volume multivariate testing, comparative reports, and much more.

  • Unlimited Searchable messages
  • 500 custom Apps/services
  • Minimum 8 users, No maximum
  • Video call Up to 30 participants

Need something custom, outside of the Hubackup product scope for your business? Contact our sales team!